Infant & Toddler Montessori Course

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The Infant & Toddler Course is offered to those interested in becoming a Montessori Infant & Toddler teacher.  Below is information regarding the Infant & Toddler Program, including details about a prerequisite course that you may need to take, academic phase as well as practicum details for your program. 

Academic Phase

210 Hours

 2020-2021 (14 months)

Practicum Phase

540 Hours

 Concurrent with Academic phase

24 hour course required prior to enrolling in Infant and Toddler program.

*not required for those with an Early Childhood credential

Early Childhood Overview

Tuition and Fees

$100 Application Fee

Tuition: $6500.00

AMS + MACTE Fees: $401.00

Total Investment: $7001.00


Christine Frost, M.A., Lyndsey Powell, M.Ed, Ashley Darcy Ed.D., Paula Hermano, M.Ed, Kimberly Wilkerson, Cathy Durand-Horne 


Montessori Philosophy, Pedagogy, Environmental Design (Independent Living, Movement, Language, Sensorial, Mathematics, Art, Music), Child/Family/Community, Observation, Personal Growth and Development, Program Leadership, Child Development


Infant & Toddler Academic Schedule 2020-2021

Course Schedule for the Infant/Toddler Cohort, May, 2020 – August, 2021

Note: On Saturday and Sundays, there will be a 30-minute lunch break. 

May, 2020

Sat. May. 16: I/T Orientation (1) Philosophy (6), 8:00-3:30 (Lunch 30 min)

Sun. May. 17: Philosophy, 8:00-2:30 (Lunch 30 min)

June, 2020

Sat. June 13: Philosophy 8:00-2:30pm (Lunch 30 min)  

Sun. June 14: Philosophy 8:00-2:30pm (Lunch 30 min)  

July, 2020

Fri. July 17: Observation, 6:30-9:30pm

Sat. July 18: Observation, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun. July 19: Observation 8:00-12:30pm (Lunch 30 min), Pedagogy, 12:30-3:30pm

August, 2020

Fri, August 14: Pedagogy, 6:30-9:30pm

Sat, August 15: Pedagogy, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun, August 16: Pedagogy, 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

September, 2020

Sat. September 26: ED Movement, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun., September 27: ED Movement, 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

October, 2020

Movement Exams

Sat. October 24: ED Independent Living, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun., October 25: ED Independent Living, 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

November, 2020

Independent Living Exams

Sat. November 7 ED Language, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun. November 8 ED Language, 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

December 2020 NO CLASS

January, 2021

Sat., Jan 30: ED Math, Art, Sensorial: (Sensorial 4 hours, Math 4 hours) 8:00-4:30pm

(Lunch 30 min)

Sun., Jan 31: ED Math, Art Sensorial, (Math 2 hours, Art 5 hours) 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30


February, 2021

Language and Math/Art/Sensorial Exams

Sat. February 27, Child Development, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun. February 28 Child Development, 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

March, 2021

Sat. March 13, Child Development, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

Sun. March 14, Child Development, 8:00-3:30pm (Lunch 30 min)

April 2021

Sat., April 17: Child Development, 8:00-4:30pm  (Lunch 30 min)

Sun., April 18: Child Development, 8:00-3:30pm  (Lunch 30 min)

 May 2021

Sat., May 15: Child Family and Community, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)  

Sun., May 16: Child Family and Community, 8:00-3:30pm  (Lunch 30 min)

 June 2021

Sat., June 12 Personal Growth and Development, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)  

Sun., June 13: Personal Growth and Development, 8:00-3:30pm  (Lunch 30 min)

July, 2021

Sat, July 10: Program leadership, 8:00-4:30pm (Lunch 30 min)                                                      

Sun July 11, Program Leadership, 8:00-3:30pm  (Lunch 30 min)